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The Ancestors of Gabriel Stokes(1682-1768)

Our families' records:

My grandmother's paper pedigree shows John Stokes, a taylor within the White Lyon, in Dublin as the father of Gabriel Stokes. This same man was also identified:

  1. In records held by other branches of descendants,
  2. In Burkes which is of course derived from information provided by family members,
  3. In the research of Alan Geoffrey Stokes in Dublin in the 1970/80s.
Family researchers explored the possibility of connections to various English families including the Norman family from Wiltshire of which Burkes says,
This family is of Norman origin and claims to be a branch of the
ancient & honourable house of Montespedor, now believed to be extinct
in Normandy. From old document it appears that its ancestors must have
come to England after the conquest, when Honours and possessions were
assigned to them. Their history, however, is not uninterruptedly traced
until the time of Edward ii, 1312, when we find by records in the Tower
that Sir Adam de Stoke was seized of the manor of Stokke & Batishall in
the Co. of Wilts. Thomas his eldest son held the manor of Seend with
other lands in Wilts, and Roger his second son of the manors of
Wolfshall, Savernagge, & Hungerford, in the same County. “The latter
Roger with his father Sir Adam were interred in the Church of Great
None of my relations managed to find a definite connection to any ancient line in England.

I was therefore suprised and delighted to find on several family trees showing ancestors of my 6 greats grandfather John Stokes, tailor of Dublin. I could not find the ultimate source of these trees. It is possible that some may be shared copies of the other Ancestry trees rather than original research. However, there must be some ultimate source, so I am trying to analyse the information and I plan to contact the tree owners to see if anyone can help by providing a source.

gibbscs has Gabriel Stokes with no descendants - Line goes back: John and Elizabeth McHugh, John, John of Much Wenlock  and Ellen Dutton, George(1585-1670 of Much Wenlock)  and Sarah Widdison
jeff_lukomiak has a line going back from Gabriel Stokes of Skreen, via John the tailor to the Much Wenlock Stokes and originating in Normandy. This tree superficially looks similar to that of BrentAllenStokes (see below)
splmw60 has a tree which extend back to George Stokes (1585-1670 of Much Wenlock)
Schexshe has a tree which includes a line from Gabriel Stokes of Dublin back to john of Seend (1459-1513). It looks rather as if it may have been imported from somewhere since it does not seem to connect to home person.
rfawcus1 has a tree going back from me great great grandfather to the Stokes of Seend.
BrentAllenStokes has a line from Gabriel Stokes back through Seend to Normandy. Brent does not seem to connect to this line. See jeff_lukomiak above.

I have searched for information about the Stokes of Much Wenlock but cannot find any.

Some of the Ancestry trees show John Stokes, father of Gabriel Stokes(1682-1751), with a second marriage to a Pope, and producing a line of descendants in Dorset. So did John the tailor move to Dorset after the death of his first wife?

What is the source for Elizabeth McHugh shown by many as the mother of Gabriel Stokes (1682-1751)?

Any help in answering these questions would be very much appreciated.

Michael Sandford 26 September 2013, email